How many hours ? do i need ?

How many hours do i need to pass my driving test ?, this question we hear all the time, if you have no or limited experience then forget the i passed after 10 hours stories, even going back 30 Or 40 years this would have been highly unlikely,
The official .gov site says its 45 hours with a driving instructor and a further 22 hours on top if you have private practice as well, if you cant get the private practice then add that 22 hours onto the instructor which is 67 hours in total, this is a average, not everyone takes that many hours, with good tuition you should get there in around 30 - 50 hours but depends on the learner, some people will need quite a few more, we can only be guided by the average 67 hours.
Automatic may take a slightly shorter amount of hours as you dont have to use the clutch or change gear but at the end of the day people dont normally fail tests for control of the car, they fail for not reading the road, this is why you need to keep practicing as much as possible,
At EasyDrive we aim to make our pupils safe drivers and would only present them for test when they are demonstrating this unaided, we also give the lessons in a calm and relaxed m anner and try to make them fun, something you can look forward too, nervous pupils are more then welcome, try out EasyDrive Driving School, 07460524242

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